About Gusto

Gusto Distribution is a Subsidiary of Gusto Holding AG Switzerland. The Company is mainly in the business of food distribution. The Shares of the company are held by private Holding companies engaged in large scale Industrial, Manufacturing, Technical and Communication business.. Gusto Distributions has a dedicated operation complimented by trained staff: Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance, and Administration Teams, with a logistics fleet of Refer and Chilled Distribution Trucks. Over the years “We Promise We Deliver.” We are recognized as one of the top marketing and distribution companies worldwide, serving to retail, food service and wholesale sectors. The Food Service distribution channel was set up in 2013 to cater to the ever growing hospitality industry in the country and its specific needs.

At the forefront of our Retail distribution channel is an experienced and professional sales and merchandising team that ensures effective coverage and visibility of our brands and products. The Wholesale distribution channel extends the reach of our products across all channels through large and small wholesale traders, re-exports and processing units . The Van Sales distribution channel services more than 15,000 Small & Large Groceries and over across globally in different segements. With ever growing customer base and wide range of product portfolio; backed by a network of reputed suppliers from across the globe, Gusto offers the best brands with operations in FMCG, Food and Non- Food Commodities. With the strong presence in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Gusto is committed to provide quality service 24/7 at the most competitive prices and offer excellent lead that is be in the class.

Our Brands