Amin Sarvestani

Chairman & Director

In Armed with extensive business knowledge, S. Sarvestani has claimed multiple awards and accolades in the last 25+ years of his career. As a serial entrepreneur starting his first successful business in 1994, he has gone on to startup and partner three more technology companies dealing in banking, payment technology, and telecommunication. In addition, he has acted as board member in more than five other business entities operating across six continents in agricultural commodity trading, food distribution, restaurant chains, oil & gas, wind farms, and heavy marine construction sectors.

Mr. Sarvestani is currently Managing Director of Innomarine Pte Ltd, Singapore. In 2012, he was awarded a Master of Business Administration (Marketing) from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Throughout his career, Mr Sarvestani has made it a point to share his experience and knowledge openly to his networks and friends. As Chief Strategy Officer, he is responsible for strategy development and planning with the long-term view of enhancing Company’s value.

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